Sending a Kermanshah national football coach and teenager to the World Taekwondo Championship

The Kermanshahi national football coach and teenager were deployed to Tunisia’s World Taekwondo Tournament.

According to koodakpress، Vahid Nasseri, coach of the national team of teens and Kowsar Asaseh, Kermanshahi national team, accompany Taekwondo national teams in the World Championships in Tunisia.

Our national teens national teams traveled to Tunisia yesterday and Vahid Naseri, coach of the national team of Teens and Kowsar Asaseh on the well-known national team of Kermanshahi in the national teams of Taekwondo.

The Championships for the Youth Olympic Games of Buenos Aires 2018 will be held on 17 and 18 April.

Also, the 12th Junior Championship will be held from April 20 to April 24, and will host the two events of the Tunisian coastal city.

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