Should we buy our 10-year-old daughter a smartphone?

Say no for now, but she can have one at high school if you think she is mature enough, says Annalisa Barbieri

According to koodakpress، Our oldest daughter is in year 5, a sensible and independent 10-year-old and she wants a smartphone. She is already an owner of a dumb-phone, as she walks to the local shops by herself and sometimes part of the way home from school. However, many of her friends have smartphones.

The requests, pleas and promises of how well she would use one are coming thick and fast. My husband and I think she would be sensible; she isn’t a technology addict and spends most of her time playing in more time-honoured ways. She has been learning about the many dangers and horrors of technology, as well as its benefits. She is literate and thoughtful in her social interactions, and would think through her texts and comments on a chat group if she joined one. In short, she would probably be fine and safe if we caved in to peer pressure, and her nagging.

However, I don’t want her to have a smartphone just yet. It’s so expensive and unnecessary, except as a means for not being left out of the gang (does that count as necessary?). I would rather she carried on filling her free time with drawing and playing. I wouldn’t want a phone sucking the life out of her daydreaming time. My feeling is the longer we can hold off and stand firm, the better. But I don’t want her to become a social pariah, and I don’t want her to feel we are saying no because we don’t trust her.

How would you argue the case for deferral to a free-thinking and sensible young girl of 10 and a half? Or would you go with the crowd?

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