Your Child’s Behavior at Home vs School

Does your child act drastically different at school than he does at home? Here’s how to get your teacher’s pet to keep up his angelic behavior around you.

According to koodakpress، Four-year-old Micah receives glowing reports from his teachers about his behavior, but not from his mom, Crystal Paschal. “When I ask him to put away his toys or do chores, the back talk, temper tantrums, and hitting come out,” says Paschal, of Indianapolis. If a conversation with your preschooler’s teacher has led you to wonder, “Is she talking about the same kid?” join the club. It’s common for kids this age to control their impulses in the classroom and unleash their inner wild child at home. “They let loose because they trust that you’ll love them no matter what,” says Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions. Find out how to bridge the gap so your kid behaves well after school dismissal.

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