First-Graders Are Better Readers Than They Were a Decade Ago

Children entering first grade in 2013 had better skills than similar students 12 years prior, according to a new study.

According to koodakpress، We all know that the more knowledge our children acquire, the more empowered they’ll be. And perhaps the main way they can acquire that knowledge is through reading. That’s just one reason it’s so heartening to hear that kids entering first grade in 2013 had significantly better reading skills than similar students only 12 years earlier, according to a new nationwide study published in the journal Educational Researcher. The study involved 2,358 schools from 44 states and a total of 364,738 children, who were assessed over the course of the 12 years.

The researchers’ conclusion is that today’s children are better readers at a younger age, and bonus: Even low-achieving students’ basic reading skills have improved and narrowed the achievement gap with other young readers. But of course, there are still areas for improvement, particularly when it comes to advanced reading skills. In fact, the gap between low-achieving readers and others has widened when it comes to those higher-level skills.

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