Nobel laureate of the child came to the Japanese writer

Hans Christine Anderson’s 2008 Credit Award, also known as the Nobel Prize in Literature, came to the Japanese writer Avicondo Caddo.

According to koodakpress، The 2008 Hans Christian Andersen Writing Award, also known as the Nobel Prize in Literature, came to the Japanese writer Avicondo, and Igor Kulinikov from Russia was nominated as the video’s nominee for the course. As literary critics say, perhaps the most important work of Caddo is the book Kickie Transportation Service, which was published in 1985, and in 2003, with an English translation into the hands of American audiences. The book is about a young wizard in the city of Corico, adapted from an animation by Japan’s renowned Japanese animator Huao Miyazaki. One of the reasons for awarding the award to Kadonu, as stated in the jury’s statement, is that, despite traveling all over the world, he has always created stories with deep Japanese origins, and it can be understood that Japan is full of unpardonable people. Is waiting In connection with “Kulknikov” it is not bad to know that he started his work as an animator in Moscow and then he entered the arena of illustrated books. She has been illustrating for today’s classic books and fairytales and folklore stories. Meanwhile, Iranian writer Farhad Hassanzadeh was one of the five nominees for the Hans Christian Andersen Award this year. Mari-Ode Mouril from France, Joy Kavli from New Zealand and Ulf Stark from Sweden were also the final candidates for the course. Hans Christian Andersen or the Nobel Prize in Literary Children is the most prestigious literary and artistic award in the field of children’s literature published by the International Book Office for the Younger generation to raise the literary and artistic level of children’s books every two years to the works of a writer and a The illustrator is given. Shortly before the official announcement of the names of the participants in the course, the official site of the Hans Christian Andersen Award was published in connection with the important role of the Iranian nominee in the literature of our country. “

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