Guidances that mislead the teens

These days, some advisers who have the task of educating students have their own personal problems that they need to consult with an advisor to solve.

According to koodakpress، When I closed the apartment and came to the stairs with my heel, I spoke above two of the neighbors.

First I did not pay much attention and just got a hell of a hello. The two were so hot in their head that they did not notice me. Their conversations unconsciously attracted my attention.

The first one said: “What harm did his children have to do under this hand and that big one?”

The second also said: “Yes, he did not have the opportunity to put his life together and he would not get married twice, and then my life would end up now.”

I learned that they are talking about the neighboring upper floor, who is on the verge of divorce from her husband and has a lively and uneasy life. In the afternoon I arrived a little earlier and, incidentally, I saw a girl from the upper floor, who was walking a little younger than a young man’s car, insisting that nobody would see them.

I went to the house and asked my mother about the situation of the neighboring upper class. I heard a half-half answer, and started with Kelly Ghar and Land, “It’s unclear where’s the wrong place here? Do not respect at all. ” I said to my mother, “What did he do?” He did not answer me and went …

The next day, when I was headed to the office, I saw a neighboring car pulling out of the parking lot. Quickly I salute and beat out. A few minutes later I came by the car with me and insisted on bringing me up one path. I complimented it first, but I got into the air because it was cold.

Said: Where are you going to my daughter?

I said: Mrs. Rafati, I’m bothering to the metro station.

He said: “What’s upsetting me the same way every day.”

I said: where are you busy?

He said: I am a consultant. Student counseling at school.

I thought of horns and I kept thinking about how can someone who is responsible for the guidance and counseling of young students and young girls needs counseling for solving small and big problems? And it is impossible to solve the most obvious problems of himself and his family.

Although counseling in our country, especially in the name, is not taken seriously and is important at the last rank, but in the educational system of the world it is so important and a place that precedes education, and is actually the military forehead of the advanced countries.

Advisors have, in principle, a direct and effective role in the destiny of each individual, and the impact of this role is increasing in the educational system and in the thousands of schools. In fact, they are advisers who can provide students with accurate, scientific, and expert advice on the fate of the students, and more than anyone can turn schools and families into a platform for the development of students and young people.

Unfortunately, in a general view, it can easily be understood that in our country’s educational system, counselors either generally lack such a qualification or, if they are experts in this field, have more aspects of decorative and decorative aspects in terms of the structure of the educational system.

Insecurity in choosing counselors, assigning counseling to several schools, allocating limited hours to students, and lacking adequate qualification and knowledge of counselors are factors that have turned this most important factor in the educational process of youth into a dysfunctional and intangible cycle. .

The first question is why the surplus, inexperienced, and unskilled and ineffective forces are being consulted? The question that Abulqasem Isa Murad, Director General of Education Principles and Education Advice, replies to this is that the area of ​​professional consulting is in the field of education and there is an urgent need for specialists who have the relevant qualifications, but unfortunately, the number of consultants is much less than needed. In fact, we have hundreds of thousands of schools, and only 15,000 consultants, and this lack of power, has led to the appointment of advisers who do not have the necessary expertise.

Isa Murad added: “The solution that comes is to bring specialist forces, train consultants and respond to the need of a hundred thousand schools, which unfortunately did not happen to the extent acceptable.”

The second question is why a precise monitoring system does not monitor the activity of consultants? The Director General of Education Principles and Education Advice said: “In this regard, the General Directorate of Consultation is responsible for overseeing counselors, but sometimes as it should not be.

For a more general look at this, many existing structures and processes are enclosed within the framework of cumbersome rules and regulations, and many legal guidelines and notices have become an obstacle to accurate and effective scientific advice.

Teens and young people who are trying and mistaken in the turbulence of persistent young age and who in many cases have immediate and emotional decisions require highly qualified and expert advisers to target precisely and create the necessary platforms while eliminating the potential risks and obstacles in The path of young people’s lives will guide them into real paths based on their talents and identify the pests in the field as well.

According to sociologists, many of the crimes in the community are due to the lack of precise and timely advice. From the perspective of psychologists, accurate and specialized counseling can be effective even in the psychology and formation of next-generation behaviors and can have many norms Change the behavior of a community.

Psychologist Ghassem Ghazi told reporters at the Young Journalists Club: Consultation at any age has its own effects, but these effects are even more pronounced in their adolescents who are 10 to 17 years of age. The peculiarities and problems of this age group include the opposition to the values ​​of the parents, independence and militancy.

“The importance of counseling for people of this age is very high, and according to the rate of suicide and dropout, The dishes are not properly consulted. One of the friends who came back from traveling abroad said that in European schools, before they pay to the account and geometry and study courses, the children will be provided to consultants from a month to one year, and in Many parents now find that they are not taking their children to theaters and cinema. He said parents would be questioned even if they did not eat more than 3 days in total with their families. The teenagers and teenagers are the real capital and the most valuable assets of the country. Human resources that can potentially be the engines of development, progress, and authority of the country, in case of inaccurate guidance, become a major dilemma, and this is an irreconcilable and guiding influence from childhood to youth.

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