Habits of Children

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According to koodakpress،  In this article, we have told you 18 of the 18-month-old children that your child may be in existence. Of course, all these habits are not all 18 months old. But most can see similar behaviors.

Sit and relax

Children at this time of age like to sit in a corner and rest for hours instead of playing and walking. 

Upset chaos 

At this age you just need to ignore them for a few minutes. It’s time to wait for bad or strange events. Or they are breaking somewhere or they are doing something that should not be. For example, girls may be busy removing their maternal supplies, and boys may be wrecking a device, or fireworks, or … 

Screw up everything 

Children of this age are very interested in breaking down paper and fabric, and anything else they can do. Just leave him with a lot of colored paper. When you return, you will encounter a scene of torn paper that has been scattered around the room. 

Change clothes 

It is interesting to know that 18-month-olds have a special interest in clothing and they like to regularly change their clothes. They may wear clothes that are not good in your opinion, but in the very childlike world, they assume dresses are very frizzy and fit in the home to show them to all members of the family. 

An interest in hugging 

Children of this age tend to embrace their parents and, whenever possible, bring their own parents to embrace them. These moments, besides the child for the parents, are also very dear and lasting, and they can take this opportunity to love their child. 

Overcoming fear 

Fears of issues that were frightening for a child were over at this age. 18 months learn how to enjoy water in a swimming pool, for example, and will no longer be afraid of getting into water. 

Aunt of the game 

This is the age of the aunt of your children’s games. Of course, this issue is more prevalent among girls and they like to play the role of mother in their fantasy world.With plastic pans, they cook on plastic ovens and bring tea to their guests in their small, colorful stacks. 


Children at this age have come to the discovery of the world and are afraid of falling away from all the events around them. Every night Dieter sleeps the night before, and if they can be up until their morning. But you must manage and fix this problem from the beginning. Because in addition to the health of the child, it is difficult for you to have a parent as well. 


The nerves are the most damaging thing children can do. They, with the ingenuity of their own, are choosing to scream at times when it’s silent. This way they want to pay attention and when you look at him, he delights and smiles. 

10 Smiley 

Children of this age very much like to make funny funny ones. For example, they mice and rub their eyes, crush their nose and collect their lips to really look like a mouse.They enjoy the smiley in different places, and this is very exciting for them. 

11 Sit on the chair 

They like to sit alone on their own without anyone else’s help. Although it may be hard for them to get up and sit down, they insist on doing so. 

12 Eat a lot of food 

18-month-olds love to eat all kinds of foods and eat whatever they eat and eat. It’s very interesting that most of them are lean, and they stayed in the same place where all the food is in their stomach! At this age of sleep, they awake ask for food and food.Perhaps they could be attributed to the devourer machine. 

13 Giving bigger tricks 

Children at this age are becoming bigger and often want to make bigger ones. Girls mimic their older mother or sister and boys from their older father and brother. 

14 Discover the world 

Children at this age like to go somewhere to discover areas of the house they have never seen and discovered. These little angels, like the real explorers, are scattered everywhere to see where the houses have been. 

15 Diversity in eating 

They like to eat their new foods and different foods. Or they would like to try, for example, green apples with ketchup sauce. Eating this way has a lot of excitement for them. You must let them do this. 

16 Jumping on the sofa or bed 

You may have tried this pleasure in your childhood. Top and jumping on the beds or springboards are one of the best and most exciting games of this age. When you swing on the mattress and springs up, it’s something that can only be experienced in a child.So do not hurt your child. 

17 Climbing everywhere 

Children of this age prefer to go in and out of the wall. It seems that this rise makes them feel great. Whatever it is, you have to be careful not to miss them. Or do not go up somewhere that’s not good.

18 The beginning of jealousy

Children learn and show off envy at this age. You just need to talk to your older brother or show more attention to his father, either they are either depressed or silent, or they start protesting their childish ways.

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