Nannad Tronik: The ice of teen basketball players was broken in time

The manager of the Iranian teenage basketball team, emphasizing that in the Asian Championship tournament, the ice of players should be broken in the right direction, said in the first game in Iran this happened.

According to koodakpress، The Iranian Teams Basketball Team finished their first Asian and World Championship victory on Tuesday with a decisive victory of 148-445 against Macao.

After the meeting, Nandar Tronik, the head coach of the youth basketball team in Iran, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his team players, “I am delighted that the players are all healthy and played well today. That in such tournaments, players’ ice is broken from the start in the right direction is very important, and this happened in the game today. We had a very good start in the tournament.

He remarked that in such competitions the most important issue for each team is the next meeting: We must think the next step. The Iranian team is ready to meet, of course, it will be difficult. We have analyzed the Chinese Taipei team.

The team’s youth basketball team manager, emphasizing that the team should meet all the energy of the Chinese Taipei, said: “With the effort we can achieve what we want on the playing field.”

The visit of the Iranian and Chinese Taipei basketball teams will take place on the third day of the Asian Championship. These competitions are taking place in Fushan, China.

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