The official record of young and adolescent weightlifters will be held today

The final record of the final round of the National Teams and Youth Team of the National Army will be held today with the presence of the members of the High Council of Technical Weightlifting Federation.

According to koodakpress، While the final stages of the National Army Corps of Adolescents and Youth have begun since April 5, with 21 weightlifters, the basis for recognizing the main combination of the two teams in the Asian Championship, the final record with the presence of members of the High Council of the Federation of Weightlifting and Judging three Our international referee will be held at the National Weightlifting Camp this afternoon.

The Weightlifting Championships for Adolescents and Youth in Asia will be held April 31 to May 10, 2011 in the city of Orangang, Uzbekistan.

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