FIBA’s Attention to Basketball Brothers in Iran

Amir Hossein and Nasrratullah Yazerlo, the brothers of our country’s basketball basketball team, were spotlighted by Fiba.

According to koodakpress، The website of the World Basketball Federation (Fiba) reported on the presence of Amir Hossein and Nasrratullah Yazerlo in the Asian Championship Championship and wrote two Iranian basketball players:

Amir Hossein and Nasrratullah Yazerlo are twin. Nusratallah is slightly taller than his brother, and his height is 197 cm and his brother’s height is 196 centimeters.

It’s interesting to note that the two players are not the first two basketball players to attend the Asian Championship. In 2009, the national team of Singapore saw the presence of twin brothers in their mix.

The Philippine national basketball team, which won its best title in the 2013 competition, also benefits from the presence of twin brothers. The Jordanian team also used the twin brothers in the same year as the Philippines.

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