Call of the 4th International Children’s Painting Festival

The Department of Health and Art intends to focus on and protect the mental health of children in the fourth international painting festival. All children and teenagers under the age of 18 (born November 1379 and later) can attend the festival.

According to koodakpress، June 12, 1397

Effect size: A4 (297 by 210 mm) preferably horizontal

Thread: Health

Information required: Name / surname / age / contact number / postal address / if you have had hospital records: disease name / hospital name

Delivery of works:

1- Send to Tehran, End of Keshavarz Blvd, Dr. Gharib Avenue, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Children’s Medical Center, Building No. 2, Fourth Floor, Secretariat of the Children’s Painting Festival

2. Email to ifppp.heart@gmail.com

Emails sent must be scanned and emailed at a minimum quality of 300 DPI.

Among the works received after the arbitration, 200 works were selected for display at the exhibition and published in the selected book, and works will also be selected as selected works. Awards will be given to children and adolescents whose works are published in the book. Special prizes will be given to the chosen ones.

The closing ceremony will be held in Italy in November 1397.

In the Persian site, the wick is merely a call to the tournament, and other news of the tournament, such as the renewal, the announcement of the names of judges, the announcement of prizes, winners, etc., will only be published on the Persian carpet.

It is recommended that you visit the @ farsimatchir website to view the summary of the competition entries and their details.

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