What do you know about autism disorder?

It may be unlikely to show the toy, but is attracted to objects such as electric heater, or to play with light particles, the child’s playful child does not play well with the toy and instead, on one aspect of the device, such as turning the wheel The car focuses, the autism disorder is an uninvited guest who is never going to go.

According to koodakpress، Autism disorder or self-preservation is one of the most important neurological disorders that has been more and more overlooked by scientists over time. Therefore, the general awareness of this impairment and interventions at a time can play an effective role in improving the skills of a child with a spectrum Autism.

There are a lot of warning signs and symptoms to diagnose early this disorder, but usually disturbances revolve around social skills, speech and language problems, nonverbal communication problems and rigid behaviors. Researchers now find that parents can detect autism symptoms very soon and in less than four months of age, so that early detection can make a significant difference in the recovery process of a child with autism. Not responding to loud noises, not looking for moving things with the eye, not taking things, do not laughing at people, clinging and not gobbling (the unnecessary words used before opening the tongue) and not paying attention to new faces of possible symptoms of autism disorder At 3 months of age.

Likewise, a child with a disorder at seven months does not read his head to the sound he has heard and shows no love to you, and does not do anything to get things, and he does not show interest in games such as Dolly Moshe.

At 12 months, the child with autism does not quadruple and does not express one word. He does not do body movements like shaking his head or shaking his body and does not refer to objects or photographs. He can not stand even with support.

No more than 15 words to speak, not having the ability to use double-word phrases, not knowing the use of house objects like a phone, fork, spoon, and not having the ability to imitate can be signs of autism, the child’s autistic can not be a wheelchair Pushing He does not follow simple instructions.

As children grow older, the signs become more diverse. Social problems, language, movement, such as lack of interest in others and occasional happenings, not knowing how to communicate and play with others, difficulty in understanding feelings, not listening to others, repeating the question rather than answering other symptoms of the disorder .

The child with autism may call himself a third person and avoid eye contact.

He uses facial movements without matching what he says, and unexpected reactions to landscapes, smells or sounds, and may sound loud, can not be used by the body and follow a routine routine, with any program change It’s a problem and it takes a long time to move a fan or toy wheel.

These symptoms may also be seen in normal children, so check the diagnosis of autism disorder for a pediatrician and child psychologist.

Alizadeh, the mother of a child with autism disorder, states the symptoms of starting the disorder in her son’s son: “He preferred to be alone and avoided eye contact. It was slowly changing, so that I used to refer to imma and hint for expressing his needs, while my son spoke a strangely perfect one and a half years old. Four years ago, his kindergarten instructor told me his behavior with The kids have changed and no longer speak the class!

The power key was turned on and off for some hours, and it lasted for a while, such as raising a knife and sitting on it. My voice did not come back and look at me, I did not like to be hugged.

My son was five years old when a pediatrician, seeing his movements and emotional laughter, said: “Have you ever doubted that your son may have autism?” He just does not know who this disorder is, 30 years ago, when I did not know I did not have this disorder and I tried to help my son by translating English articles. ”

These guys and their parents are so hard to point out when they write a report. Many mothers have been saved from suicide several times! Somebody is not ready to take care of these guys, and recently a maintenance center has been established for these children, and we hope to have several Autism Day Care Centers set up to help moms and fathers take care of their work and rest.

Disturbing autism is a market that everyone uses as autism and uses it.

When the treatment is at least $ 30,000 per hour, there is no longer a word to say!

My child is now 30 years old and I’ve been selling and spending all my money for over 15 years and I have been working on some doctors’ advice for his definitive treatment !! Doctors are right with parents, why should not autism not be treated!

The autism spectrum disorder is due to neurological disorder, which affects brain growth and function, according to the report. Autism is a spectrum disorder characterized by its features and characteristics that can appear in a wide range of compounds, from mild to severe, and two children with the same diagnosis can act very differently and have different skills.

No single, specific cause for this disorder has yet been identified, but current research links autism to biological or neurological differences in the brain.

Children with autism disorders are fairly normal in their development until the age of 24-30 months, but at this age their parents notice the delay in their child’s language and speech, play, or social interactions. Of course, the disruption of any of the above mentioned cases in itself indicates an overt diagnosis of the disorder

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