Schools support children with disability

Government, independent and Catholic schools all have support and funding for children with disability. The type of education or school support your child can get depends on the school and the state or territory you live in. Your child’s school can explain what’s available.

According to koodakpress،  Children with disability can get a range of support and funding for their primary school education.


The Disability Standards for Education in the Australian Disability Discrimination Act say that schools must make reasonable changes so that students with disability have the same educational opportunities and choices as all other students.


Funding programs for students with disability

There are specific funding programs for students with disability. What’s available, what the programs are called and how to apply will vary depending on which state or territory you live in and whether your child goes to a government, Catholic or independent school.


The three school systems have different policies about how funding can be used. In general, it can be used to employ an integration aide, but it can also be used for equipment, professional support and training. There are also some funding programs to support students with complex medical and personal care needs.


It’s a good idea to ask your child’s school about what funding your child might be able to get and how and when to apply.


Learning support for your child with disability

Here’s a guide to the learning support your child with disability might be able to get at primary school.


Student support group
A student support group (SSG) is a cooperative partnership between you, school representatives and professionals who work with your child.


The aim of an SSG is to make sure everyone works together to support your child’s educational needs. The group should meet regularly (about once a term) to plan, implement, monitor, review, evaluate and adjust your child’s individual learning plan and the support your child needs.


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