How can child abuse and neglect be prevented?

Join us on 22 March to discuss how social care services can work with other agencies to identify and tackle child protection risks

According to koodakpress، Efforts to combat child abuse and child sexual exploitation have traditionally taken a reactionary – rather than preventative – approach. But in the wake of scandals across the country, councils and organisations are redesigning child protection to try to identify and address risks before they escalate.


A change of process at Rochdale borough council means that young people have more time to build a relationship with their social worker before sharing any personal or sensitive information. In Newcastle, children’s and adults’ social care have been brought together under one directorate to support people throughout their life.


But safe environments for children and young people can only be ensured when agencies work together, argues David N Jones of the Association of Independent Local Safeguarding Children Board Chairs. Local-level partnerships – between social care and health services, schools, and voluntary and community groups – are often most effective in supporting vulnerable children and tackling risk at its root.


So how can agencies and organisations best work together to prevent child abuse and neglect? Are there limits to what social care professionals can do? How should best practice be shared across the sector? And in what way can social work training be adapted to best safeguard children.


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