Hearing solutions for your child

There are more hearing loss solutions for your child today than ever before, and selecting the most appropriate hearing technology is critical to your child’s hearing success. You will work closely with an audiologist to determine the best solution for your child today and as the hearing loss changes over time.

According to koodakpress، For hearing impaired children, the sooner they receive access to sound, the sooner they are able to learn to listen and speak like other children.


In fact, research has confirmed that children whose hearing loss is identified and treated early are best able to develop speech, language, cognitive and social skills ahead of later-identified children.


Early intervention can lay the foundation for the development of fundamental language skills and can set your child up for success in school.


When a hearing aid is not enough for your child

Hearing aids help many people, including children who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. However, for children with more severe types of hearing loss, hearing aids might not be enough for them to understand sounds and learn speech. Their inner, outer or middle ear may be damaged to the point where amplification alone may not provide them with access to sound.


If you think hearing aids may not be the right solution for your child, it’s important to consider a hearing implant solution sooner rather than later. In fact, research suggests delaying implantation to extend hearing aid use for children may be detrimental to language growth after being implanted.


How can a hearing implant help your child?

Predicting how well your child will do with a hearing implant is difficult because there are many factors to take into consideration. However, we know through experience and research that your child could experience the following by hearing with an implant:


  • Improved auditory awareness of sounds
  • Improved development of speech and language skills
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved educational outcomes

Hearing implant solutions for many types of hearing loss

Just as no two stories of hearing loss are the same, neither are the stories of overcoming it. In many situations, Cochlear can help with one of these treatment options – a cochlear implant, Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing* or a bone conduction implant. To determine if one of these solutions is right for your child, familiarize yourself with the following information and schedule an appointment with a Hearing Implant Specialist to start the discussion.


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