Presence of the First Women’s Weightlifting Team in Asian Championship

Head of the Weightlifting Federation said the Weightlifting Team of Iranian teenage women will participate in Asian championships hosted by Uzbekistan in April of this year.

According to koodakpress، Ali Moradi added: According to the coordination with the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the National Olympic Committee, after the formation of the National Weightlifting Team in Tehran, the first event that will be our women’s weightlifting team will be the Asian Youth Championship Exit members will be selected on the basis of the records kept in the camps.

He stated: “The coverage of our women’s womans in the Asian Championship is being completed by the Ministry of Sports, and on the other hand, Ursula Papandra, vice chairman of the Weightlifting Federation and chairman of the American Weightlifting Federation in Ahvaz, Iran approved.


Moradi responded to the question of whether the Iranian teenage women’s weight lifting squad will be present at the Asian Championship? He said: “We will not send a full team, and by checking the conditions, better players will go to the tournament.”

She continued: “Women in the future will have a great influence on sport and social issues in the sporting activities of the country, and if we are indifferent to this issue, we will make a mistake, and that’s why women’s sports should be fully supported.” Because Iranian veiled women, while maintaining religious and national values ​​in the international arena, will put an end to the poisonous propaganda against our country.


Referring to the presence of Arsenal’s 8-year-old weightlifter, Eisen Adib, on the sidelines of the Fajr International FIFA World Cup, he said: “He was supposed to go to the board symbolically in the competition, which was not initially due to inconsistency. But with the support and support of the governor of Khuzestan, the 8-year-old girl on the board reflected on domestic and foreign media and social networks, and Ursa Papandra, vice chairman of the International Weightlifting Federation, also supported this issue.

Head of Weightlifting Federation continued: Women’s Weightlifting Team Schedule is in progress, and on the other hand due to financial difficulties, the federation does not have the ability to attract a foreign coach. Regarding this issue, weightlifting of men and women is oppressive and should be supported more than before, because this field has come to the aid of our country in sensitive situations and in important international competitions such as the Olympic Games and Asian Games, and has promoted the status Sports of Iran.


He also announced the holding of a weightlifting squad for teens and boys in Iran’s Golestan province, saying that March 26 will be a record for the current campers, and the Iranian youth and youth teams will complete the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan. Will attend.

Moradi recalled: Of course, Iran’s weightlifting in the 2018 Olympic Games in Argentina has won two full quotas in the field.


The first women’s wrestling squad of our country, with the presence of 14 weightlifters invited from March 10th, was launched by the National Weightlifting Camp in Tehran’s Freedom Sports Complex, and the national team, along with two female coaches, trained for one week and until March 17, and then, according to the plan, the Jordanian people from 18 to 20 March arrived in Ahvaz to attend the technical reform workshop, which was held with the teaching of Ursula Papandra, chairman of the US federation and vice president of the International Federation.


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