Children in 2018 still experience sexism

Of the 10-14 year olds that we surveyed, two thirds of girls said they are not treated the same by their peers and a third of all the respondents said that parents and teachers treat boys and girls differently

According to koodakpress، The recent media storm around the #Metoo campaign shows no sign of abating. Every week brings another story, another victim and further calls to raise awareness of gender inequality..


From the BBC gender pay row to the sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, these issues are steeped in historical and outdated attitudes. But with women now speaking out and indeed, being given a platform to speak, change is being achieved and stereotypes are beginning to be challenged.


When I started out in journalism as a trainee reporter on a South London newspaper, all the editors and senior staff were men. I don’t think it is much different today.


So what can be done to ensure that all the good work being done to raise awareness of gender equality has some real and long-term impact? Legislation to ensure that women are well represented on business boards and in Parliament is a possible option, but this runs the risk of “tokenism” – which must be avoided.


I firmly believe that business and politics should operate as a meritocracy, with the best people reaching the top positions, regardless of gender, race or background. What is important though is that everyone is given the chance and necessary support to reach their personal goals, free from prejudice and stereotyped views.


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