Steps to a Healthy You and Healthy Baby

If you’re trying to get pregnant, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to health and planning before you even conceive.

According to koodakpress، Dr. Leah Torres with Jordan Valley Medical Center’s West Valley Campus talks about pre-pregnancy planning.

If you and your partner decide to get pregnant, there are a number of important things you can do to prepare emotionally and physically for the pregnancy. Planning for baby can help you make healthier choices before and during pregnancy to boost your health and wellbeing.
What does preconception planning involve?
– Visit your doctor to check your current health
– Get up-to-date on any vaccinations that you should have before pregnancy
– If you smoke, get help to quit before pregnancy
– Maintain a healthy weight
– Learn the principles of eating well, including foods to avoid
– Talk to your doctor about starting a safe exercise plan
Pregnancy Spacing
It is recommended that women wait at least 18 months before giving birth and attempting to get pregnant again. Waiting can reduce the risk of low birth weight and preterm birth for the next baby. It also allows the mother to restore her nutritional stores, as well as provide for the infant she just had.
What to expect during your preconception doctor’s visit
Medical: Your doctor will perform a physical to check your current health, look over your medical history, and ask about your family history and your partner’s family history. It is important to bring a list of any medications and vitamins you’re currently taking.
Lifestyle: Your doctor will discuss your lifestyle habits including smoking, drinking, caffeine intake, diet, etc. He or she will likely access your weight and eating habits and suggest a routine exercise plan.
Prenatal Vitamins: It is essential to begin a prenatal vitamin plan prior to conceiving. Folic acid, iron, and calcium are especially important in your prenatal vitamin plan.
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