Pregnant women not to trust smartphone heart rate apps

Pregnant women are being urged not to rely on smartphone apps that claim to listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

According to koodakpress، Dr Lucy Bowyer, Acting Head of Department, Maternal Fetal Medicine at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women, spoke to News Corp about 2 recent cases where pregnant women believed that their babies were okay, but unfortunately they went on to have stillbirths.

There is no clinical evidence to support any smartphones apps being able to successfully listen to or reliably monitor a baby’s heart rate.

“Even if you could hear the heartbeat, if you are not clinically trained you don’t know what you are listening out for,” Dr Bowyer told The Daily Telegraph.

“Many women don’t want to waste our time, but if you are concerned about your baby’s movements, we would rather hear from you than take the risk of stillbirth.”

Any pregnant woman who is unsure or worried about their baby’s movements should contact their doctor, midwife or hospital immediately.

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