The positive effects of “Rahian Nour” programs for children

The Secretary-General of the Children’s Network of Activists of Jihad and Martyrdom Network referring to the positive effects of children’s lightning programs, said: “We have also scheduled for summer, in order to promote the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom for children, in three memorials.

According to koodakpress، Hojatoleslam and Muslim Seyidyser Mousavi, secretary of the Children’s Working Group, presented a report on the plans of the monuments during the Rahian Noor and said: “This year, in the course of the Rahian Noor, five plans for children and adolescents in the five memorable places of Dehlaviyeh (Martyr Martyr Chamran’s place) The martyrdom of martyr Alam al-Hoda, Arvand-side (Operation Valfajr 8), Sardar’s memorial (Operation Karbala 5) and one of the local parks in Abadan were carried out by popular institutions and popular activists.

He added that the operation to liberate the city of Khorramshahr and Operation Beitol Moghaddis in Shalamcheh were rebuilt for children. Also, in Arvand’s remembrance, we launched a children’s lineup for children, which we reconstructed in Operation Valfajr 8.

The Secretary-General of the Children’s Network of Activists of Jihad and Martyrdom Network (WARTHON) stated: Specialized booth for children and adolescents was launched with the purpose of various games with the aim of acquainting children with religious teachings and sacred defense, and in the memory of the Dehlavaih there were pavilions.

He said: “Among other memorial programs, we have been creating counseling stands for children and adults, in which family members were familiarized with various operations.

Hojjatoleslam Mousavi stated: “The main format of our programs was the game. We tried to avoid direct training and give children children through the game. For example, the games in the memory of Valfajr 8 were a memorable and memorable scene of the field. We reconstructed a historical event, and in the form of the game, we transferred the material to the children.

He said: “Storytelling is one of our other programs that we offer in the form of childish content.” These programs had many effects on children. In our programs, we tried to familiarize children with moral points such as chivalrous spirit, fotos, sacrifice, mercy and masculinity, and we felt the impact of these programs on the children at the time of execution, and some of them, Shahidi, as a model for self-selection they did.

He continued, “We had positive effects of the programs on the performance of children during the game, when the child was placed in scenes during the game and presented himself with a personality and personality that was highly commendable. We saw the positive behaviors they were expected to face when playing these scenes from children.

Hojjatoleslam and Masoumeh Mousavi said: “For three months of the summer, we have planned plans for children in western areas of the West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan Province, and Kermanshah.

He said: The Sanandaj Officers’ Club, Zaribar Marivan Lake, Sar Pul Zahab are among the memorial sites that we have provided for summer programs for children and summer travelers.

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