Teaching in the hard test of the evolution plan

Experts say that education is not good. Public school students have at least 16,000 hours of schooling from primary to university

According to koodakpress، Experts say that education is not good. Public school students have at least 16,000 hours from primary school to school pre-school; many hours with the lowest return. Examples of this claim is English language training, which takes about 700 hours, but no significant output, if the average standard of this training in the world is less than 200 hours.

The inconvenience that the Minister of the Ministry has admitted to and repeatedly spoken about. The last instance of the speech was on Tuesday, when he emphasized: “If the current state of education continues, in the next 30 years, the Minister and the directors will face the same problems. Therefore, to overcome the problems in education, And reformed the structure.

In the current structure, the secretary is dissatisfied
The current structure of education and education has been formed, according to the experts, without a bachelor’s degree. The former minister of education said to the reporter saying: Unfortunately, regardless of the psychology needs of adolescents, the course of retraining and the period of study turned into two 6-year periods. In the same vein, the book was quickly prepared, and for five years, high school teachers suffer from being taught in elementary school after years of teaching in high school. In the current structure, the secretary is dissatisfied with teaching in elementary school, does not know the psychology of the child and faces many problems.

Dr. Seyyed Kazem Akrami adds: “The Transition Document refers to four three-year periods. It is not necessary for this structure to change in terms of the fundamental document and the document of transformation. It should be seen what are the drawbacks and implications that make sense of change. If the content is a discussion, both the content of the textbooks and the teacher’s training should be changed.

The graduate expert states, in the end, that about 300,000 teachers will retire in the next three years, he emphasizes: so much, we need a new teacher who is still unclear whether the university can prepare this number or not? If the preparation of these forces is not carried out by the University of Cultural Sciences, it should be used by people who have read at various university universities. Of course, these people need to get training to become a teacher and prepare for this important task. Of course, due to the scientific developments in science and research in the world, there should be coordination in order to attract good teachers for the next three years.

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