CI fights extreme barriers to education in India

While government support for education has increased in India over the last decade, children in poverty still face extreme barriers when trying to complete their schooling.

According to koodakpress، Many parents cannot afford the costs of their child’s education, which include uniforms, transportation, supplies, books and school fees in some cases. Even when kids do make it to school, they often have to deal with poor learning environments, such as a lack of qualified teachers, outdated teaching methods and materials, lack of technology and learning resources, overcrowded classrooms and inadequate infrastructure in general.

Children International is helping kids in poverty and their families overcome these extreme barriers to education, thanks to support from the Guru Krupa Foundation. The foundation has provided funding for eight comprehensive learning resource centers in Delhi, India, which give 1,200 impoverished children and teens access to a variety of resources, such as computers, textbooks, reading materials and art supplies. Additionally, kids can take part in structured learning activities and high-quality tutoring programs at the learning resource centers to help them master core subjects, including mathematics, reading comprehension and science. Students are also empowered through Children International’s social and financial education program, which teaches kids about their rights, personal responsibility, social skills, and money and resource management.

Education is one of Children International’s main areas of focus when it comes to helping kids break the cycle of poverty. Completing secondary school is crucial for success, which is why the organization supports students around the world in their studies by providing school fees, uniforms, supplies and scholarships, along with academic support in child-friendly learning environments. These learning resource centers are a great tool to help kids in Delhi excel when it comes to their education so they can build a future free from poverty.

The Guru Krupa Foundation has been a longtime supporter of Children International’s education programs in India. The foundation funded Children International’s early childhood development program for many years, and this is the second year they are funding the eight learning resource centers.

Jacob Holland, Children International’s Education Program Coordinator, said, “We are inspired by the Guru Krupa Foundation’s commitment to helping impoverished kids in India overcome barriers to education. Their financial support has allowed us to provide additional education resources to the children and youth in our program, and we have already seen positive impacts from it. Kids are improving their competencies in core subjects and taking advantage of all of the tools and resources available to them at the learning centers. It’s really wonderful to see!”

“Education is a fundamental cornerstone for success” said Mukund Padmanabhan, president of Guru Krupa Foundation. “It is very unfortunate that poor children are being denied the benefits of education – one of the most important things that can enable them to break free of the cycle of poverty. Through our work with Children International, we hope to address this in a very small way, and hope that it will lead to enormous future dividends not only for the children but for society as a whole.”

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