Bologna Children’s Book Fair

The Bologna Children’s and Child Development Center spoke with 40 publishers on the Bologna Book Fair to buy and sell copyright.

According to koodakpress، The Club for the Advancement of Children and Adolescents for the sale and purchase of copyright with 40 experts at the Belnaya Book Fair.

During the fifty-fifth period of the exhibition, the Representative of the Association with 40 publishers, literary agencies, writer and illustrator of children’s and teenagers’ books published workshops for the purchase and sale of copyright.

According to the news, Turkey, South Korea, France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Italy, Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Canada, China and Japan were among the countries that negotiated with the focus.

The children’s and adolescent intellectual center with 100 titles of new, translated, collections and selected books was attended by the cultural event. At the same time, a catalog in English with the introduction of 388 titles of the selected book was featured in the book and Flash.

A catalog of novels by introducing 71 novels was also featured by entertainers and publishers active in the field of teenage novel production.

Accordingly, the “Silver of the fish”, “You are a woodpecker,” “Little key,” “Look at this,” “a new friend,” “There are ten yellow, green, and blue birds,” “You are” and ” Beautiful Voice “was one of the focal points that was brought to the notice of the visitors and negotiations were also conducted to sell their copyright.

Also, about 100 titles of book publishers from different countries were also selected for review by Intellectual Propagation Publishing.

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