“Simorgh’s Heart” is on the show for the children

The animated cinematic animated “Simorgh Heart” by Wahid Nasirian is displayed at the presence of Khosrow Sinai for the youth group “Child Labor Support Association”.

According to koodakpress، The latest live remake of Vahid Nasirian, Tomorrow, will be displayed on Monday, April 27, at 10:00 in the presence of Khosrow Sinai, director of the Iranian cinema pioneer for the youth group “Child Labor Protection Association”.
The “Child Labor Advocacy Forum”, which works with the slogan “Not to work for the child”, brings together a group of teenagers who are supported by the cinema “Craft of Arts and Experiences” to bring cinematic animation to The presence of Khosro Cinematic to watch.
“We all know that it’s very hard to live a life with twists, and this difficulty is harder for those who do not have a good financial and social environment, and the children are more vulnerable and deprived,” said Khosrow Sinai. All of them have worked with their children and have never been children. As a cinematographer for many years in the cinema, I have always wished that I could remember my work with cinema art for children and adolescents, and when I was invited to be a member of the children’s community, I immediately accepted it because it was not in any way. I miss the pleasure of watching movies with children, and this pleasure has always been my longtime wish, especially since the movie “The Simorgh’s Heart” is a work taken from the ancient myths of Iran, including Shahnameh.
In this animated film produced by the Center for the Development of Documentary and Experimental Film, actors such as Hamid Farrokhnejad in the role of “Rakhsh”, Reza Kianian in the role of “Shirdalal”, Elham Pavenejad in 2 plays “Afarin” and “Homa”, Parviz Pourhosseini in the role of “Spanta”, Amin Ghazi in the role of “Reza”, Alireza Taheri in the role of “Rostam”, Azeri Azeri in the role of “Minoo” and Vahid Nasirian in the role of “Shirdalal’s tail”.
In the synopsis of the cinematic animation “The Simorgh’s Heart,” the following is said: In the distant future, there is a pandemic war between peoples of the planet. Meanwhile, “Spanta” tries to “Minoo”, the woman stepped out to her throat from this deadlock and to the cave protected by the “Simorgh” force. They leave their children’s name “abandoned”. In this war, the “Dragonfly”, which was damaged in the Damavand Mountain, was released. After many years, Dehzadeh goes to the Dragonfight and, with a small amount of victory over Draghikh, becomes the savior of his land.

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